This is a set of plastic shapes I picked up locally. Cheap and versatile.  My favorite kind of thing.


Shapes are a bit tricky.  My students are just learning the concept of shapes in their own language.  It makes it a bit hard to add another language and even more difficult to try to explain the different between a square and rectangle.  Like most concepts, it’s best taught through ad nauseam.

I focus on three major shapes: CIRCLE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE

I touch on others: RECTANGLE, STAR, HEART

While a bit challenging to teach, it has its rewards.  After a child has learned their shapes, they then can use them in conversations and sentence forming.

“Give me the triangle.”
“Draw a green square.”
“Find the rectangle.”
“Circle the right letter.”

There are countless resources for teaching shapes.  I suggest Googling “preschool shapes” and picking one that suits your style.

There are also endless activities with shapes.  I like to use a handheld dry erase board and let the students draw the shapes I say.  Or using only shapes draw a picture such as a house.


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Private English tutor for children and adults in Krasnodar, Russia.

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