I’ve introduced the children to the game of Memory through Same & Different.  And now it’s time to play.

There are countless of resources on the internet to find flash cards to create your own cards with. The problem is finding quality resources. I am a huge fan of Super Simple Learning and their Super Simple Songs found on YouTube.  I’ve used them several times before in my lessons such as: Old MacDonald, Bing-o, Do you like?, Five Little Monkeys, If you’re happy, and more. The songs are well made, the videos are high quality and well produced.  The children love these songs and enjoy singing along.  They have a strong grasp of the vocabulary they learn through these songs.  The website has a wealth of resources that go along with the songs found on YouTube including printable flashcards.

Cards above are from Do you like broccoli ice cream?
Card below are from Open Shut Them

The flashcards are originally 2 per page.  I wanted them smaller, card sized. I adjusted my print settings like so:


I was lucky enough to find nice bright colored paper with sticky backing at my local store.  I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to find it again.  Otherwise, I’d just glue heavy, colored card stock to the back of the print out. And cut.


Being economical me, I do not have a color printer.  I colored each card myself with crayons. It gave it an authentic kid’s look 🙂

Now I have a set of cards to play Memory. Also, can be used as flashcards, introduction to recognize English writing, and prompts for actions )




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Private English tutor for children and adults in Krasnodar, Russia.

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