For older children:

I have cards I made from pictionary sets.

I lay 5 of the cards out in an order of my choosing. Then the student must memorize the order.  While the student is studying the cards, I write down the order for my reference. After a minute or so I scramble those cards and the rest of the cards into a pile and tell the student to put the cards I had chosen back in order.  She then calls them out to me and I check with my list I had written down.

The student may remember the card simply by the picture or they might be translating in their head, but on each card the English is written, and they do see it.  We call out the phrases in English.

Then we switch.  They pick the order and I repeat. The only way I can remember the order is how I remember what I supposed to buy when I’m shopping.  I repeat, out loud, the order over and over. I guarantee you my students will learn “get up” after they’ve heard me say it a few dozen times.

We go back and forth adding another card to the order. The kids are so much better at this game than I am.

For younger children:


We play the same game, but with tangible objects like my plastic fruits and less of them.


About ltpickens

Private English tutor for children and adults in Krasnodar, Russia.

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