Present Continuous

to be + -ing

This is the verb tense we use to describe what we are doing at the moment. We use this tense often in English and it’s easy to teach… unless you are trying to explain why we make it so complicated.

But it’s very easy to make an action and repeat :

I’m running.

I am swimming.

You are jumping.

He is sitting.

I printed out the images below, pasted them to card stock, and cut them into cards. I also give them a take home.  We learn 4-6 new verbs each session.  I use the cards for flash cards, or to play Charades.

Again, I never tell them to add the -ing or why.  Or how the verb to be changes with the subject. They hear, they repeat. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

kids verb picture kids verb picture2 kids verb picture3




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Private English tutor for children and adults in Krasnodar, Russia.

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