Days of the Week

The concept of days of the week is usually a new subject for my students. They barely understand it in their own language. That’s ok. There’s no reason I can’t teach them a new concept as well as a new language. This happens quite often. I usually see it with Days of the Week, shapes, and time. I believe a child is capable of learning any concept with sufficient repetition.

Days of the week are long words with strange spellings. I start by teaching this song. I don’t expect them to learn the pronunciation of each word immediately. I want them to learn the tune. Then as we hear it several times over several lessons they begin to remember key sounds to each word. Then we focus on the word written and the first phoneme. They can’t read “Tuesday” but they recognize the T and they know its not Th because I focus so much on the correct pronunciation of Th.

We make cards with each day and wheels and an engine like the video. The child then puts the days in order. It takes several repetitions, but they all eventually learn them.



About ltpickens

Private English tutor for children and adults in Krasnodar, Russia.

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