Muzzy – I’ve got…

A very simple phrase… I’ve got… It’s construction at its heart is very different from the Russian equivalent. I teach grammar through use instead of through rules. We take a common phrase and practice using it in simple context. Later the student will add to it and one day will understand the grammar rules that define it. Here we use Present Perfect. I couldn’t even begin to explain why. And I don’t have to.



This worksheet doesn’t have any exercises. All that is done in conversation and play. I use my box of plastic toys. We each taking turns grabbing an item and saying, I’ve got a … 


If I do need extra practice, or if the student is of capable age, I have them write the answers. Again, I use Donna Young’s website for handwriting paper, depending on the student.


About ltpickens

Private English tutor for children and adults in Krasnodar, Russia.

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