Muzzy – Vowels


This actually sweet song is a great song for learning the names of the vowels. Teaching children English has its unique difficulty of how to teach the alphabet. The way I learned was by the ABC song. First I learned the names of the letters, then learned their sounds… which can be completely different. Another way to is to learn the alphabet by phonics through a program like Jolly Phonics or Hooked on Phonics, and then later teach the names of the letters. Either way presents its own benefits and pitfalls. I don’t know which way is better, but I do know, at some point you will have to bridge the learning. It becomes very difficult, especially with the vowels. There are the soft sounds, hard sounds, and diphthongs. Even if your child is learning to speak, not read, these sounds present pronunciation problems, being unique to English and not their native language.


This song is a great introduction to the English vowels. The song is catchy and sweet. Among my few toys I have bought, I have a bucket of wooden cubes. Some are colored, some are natural. I use them for free play, for counting, for colors, and occasionally for creating dice. Here I wrote one vowel per block, both in lower case and capital form. The child rolls the dice and then has to say the name of each vowel in the order they were rolled.


It’s easy to recite the muzzy song, even in its jumbled up order. However, recital is not learning. This exercise reinforces the learning and tests their ability to identify the different sounds. Later these blocks can be used to identify the sounds of the vowels, not just their names.



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