Say Yes or No – CELTA CCQ

I constantly seek out better teaching methods and materials. Not too long ago, I stumbled across this video. After watching this one video, my teaching abilities significantly improved. He is discussing techniques taught in the CELTA method.

CELTA – Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, by Cambridge University There are several different certifications out there, and this is one of the most difficult ones to get. It is time intensive, expensive, strict, and thorough. I have already mentioned that I prefer Cambridge English materials.

In this video, he discusses several CELTA techniques, and one I find valuable is the Concept Check Question or CCQ. This is a way to verify a student has understood a concept. He says in the video, if you ask a student if they understand, they will always, Always, *always* say yes. This is absolutely true. A better way is to perform a CCQ.

A simple question is asked where the answer is either YES or NO. If the student answers correctly, it indicates they understand the concept and we can move on.

In the video example, he is teaching the concept of a match. A stick that can you strike and it creates fire. Used for lighting stoves and cigarettes.

CCQ – Can you use a match underwater? (yes or no) Can we keep matches in our pocket? (yes or no)

If the student answers correctly with no hesitation, they understand.


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