Don’t Say Yes or No – Game


I have played a lot of games in my life. It’s been a vital part of my work and play for a very long time. There are few games that have had the replay-ablility like this game. The concept of the game is simple. You read questions off a card in the hopes of making your opponent say YES or NO. If they say one these forbidden words you hit the bell and laugh at them.

Example Card:

  1. Can I start now?
  2. Did you say Yes?
  3. Do you like apples?
  4. Do you like any other fruit?
  5. Name a red fruit.
  6. Do they serve strawberries at Wimbleton?
  7. With cream?
  8. Do YOU like cream?
  9. On strawberries?
  10. You just said yes, didn’t you?

I played this game with one of my students for years. There aren’t that many cards in the box and we memorized them all, and we lost the bell a long time ago. But we kept playing. We made up our own questions, trickier than the ones above. We’d do anything to trip each other up.  The trick, by the way, is to answer a question with another question. To this day, she still won’t answer me directly because she rightfully assumes we are still playing.

This is a great ESL game / conversation for intermediate levels or higher. It takes a wide vocabulary to circumvent the words Yes and No.


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Private English tutor for children and adults in Krasnodar, Russia.

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