Story Cubes – Different ways to play


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Story Cubes are awesome for teaching English. Great conversation starters. But opening the box and looking at your student and telling them, Tell Me a STORY is a bit overwhelming.

I haven’t had a student that felt comfortable which such a big task. So here are some alternative ways to play with the cubes.

Pick 2

Roll any two dice and have the student say Which one is better and why?

Roll any two dice and say how they are same or different?

Roll All of Them

Reverse Scattegories – pick a letter and find words that start with the letter that match the cube. Can be the name of the thing, or an adjective that describes it.

20 Questions – using all the cubes on the table, pick one and let your partner guess what you have picked by asking 20 yes or no questions.

Put them in order – put all the dice in order of size, beauty, weight, and danger and ask why along the way.

What ways have you found to play with Story Cubes?




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Private English tutor for children and adults in Krasnodar, Russia.

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