Describe the Scene – School and Classroom

We’re starting a new school year. I’m starting off with all the vocabulary associated with schools. The nouns: pencil, desk, teacher. The verbs: stand up, raise your hand, read and write. For grammar, I’m starting at the beginning, which for me is Present Continuous. Here are some Describe the Scenes for school and the classroom.







For vocabulary, English Worksheets does it the best:

Places at School

Classroom Objects

Classroom Language


This, that, these, those – demonstrative adjectives


Following our basic questions, What’s this? We can add these other demonstrative adjectives (this, that, these, those). In the beginning I always use what’s this regardless of where something, or how many, or if it’s a thing or person. Once they get a handle on this question then we change this to the correct word.

Again, I teach the concept by ad nauseam, not necessarily by explanation. I use whatever is around the room. I ask the question and point. Then I answer using the same word I used in the question.

What’s this?  While holding a book
It’s a book.
What’s that? Pointing at a book
That’s a book.
What are these? Touching books
These are books.
What are those? Pointing at a bookshelf
Those are books.

Then repeat with just the demonstrative adjective.

Then I ask the question, and the student repeats the question. I answer.

Then I ask the question, then the student answers.

Then the student asks the question, with guidance.

This lesson is more important than just teaching these four words. From this when can practice pronouncing the difficult th.

Vocabulary expanders for English

That’s a lot of feelings!

Muzzy – I’m… Have a…

I’m often asked what’s the difference between British English and American English. In this exercise, you will see British English. They often use the phrasing “have + noun” for everyday tasks. In American English we might use “take + noun” or a completely different format all together.

This exercise is very easy to do by the pictures alone. This is a great time to practice reading and pronunciation. I read this with my student and make sure they go slow. Especially on words like hamburger which students often try to pronounce like the Russian гамбургер.


Muzzy – Muzzy and Bob are friends



This is a cute song. It’s easy to remember and I’m always shocked how fast the children learn it. The sentences are simple and have some basic vocabulary in them. This is a good time to introduce some basic pronouns. There is a grammar point of me vs. I but I wouldn’t worry about it.


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