Left, Right, Forward, Back

4 simple commands, and great chance to do something fun.

Teaching the directions is straight forward. I use my arms and point in the 4 directions. There have been a few times where the concept of direction is new to my student, even in their native language. Sometimes it doesn’t quite stick. But it doesn’t matter.  The game is so fun that the student is eager to catch on.

What I use for this lesson: wooden blocks of various shapes, plastic animals, a toy car


For this lesson, I use my wooden blocks. The child builds a city of towers and bridges.  I help keep things everything straightened and make roads between the buildings wide enough to “drive” a car through.


Then I give the child driving directions through the city to find my animal of choice. I have fun with it and have them drive their car through all of the fun obstacles they built. Then they get the chance to tell me where to drive.


The Wheels on the Bus

The Wheels on the Bus teaches the parts of riding a bus.  It combines nouns, verbs, and hand actions.  The kids love singing along, especially the baby going WAaa WAaaaa.  We made a paper bus with moving parts to go along with this lesson.


Print out from

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